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Adaptation and creation of molds
Due to our extensive experience working with rubber, we can advise you on the appropriate design for a new mould. If, on the other hand, you already have a mold, we can adapt it to work on our machines.
Latest technology in machinery
We have state-of-the-art machines to work with both injection and compression. Over the years, our machines have been adjusted to customer needs and rubber processing updates. All our machines go through permanent maintenance. In addition, we have a carbon dioxide cylinder and deburring machine.
Manufacture of custom parts
In order to adapt to the needs of each client, in our company we have machines to mold rubber by compression process and injection process. Therefore, we can manufacture batches from 1 to thousands of units.
Own manufacturing90%
Industrial projects experience90%
Quality materials95%
Agility in deliveries95%
Satisfied customers
Years of experience
Fulfilled projects

Esferas (bolas)

Fabricación de esferas, en diferentes diámetros y materiales disponibles.

Ruedas SLOT

Fabricación de ruedas slot, en diferentes materiales, diferentes modelos y varias medidas disponibles.

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Fabricación de planchas de 500X500mm, en diferentes grosores y materiales. Con y sin inserción de plancha metálica. Se realizan cortes según forma solicitada, por corte por AGUA, TROQUEL o LÁSER.

Juntas JEH

Fabricación de juntas de depósito, adecuadas para el contacto alimentario, como el sector VÍNICOLA, CERVECERO Y LÁCTEO, entre otros.

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Lengua de gato

Fabricación de palas blancas ATYCO. Disponemos de su PALO DE MADERA correspondiente.


This material is an excellent thermal insulator. It is resistant to degradation from sun, ozone and weather. It also has good resistance to solvents and chemicals, as well as to damage caused by bending and torsion.

Given its characteristics, it is widely used in the construction sector where it is applied in expansion joints, supports for bridges, pipes, mechanical seals and balls.


This material has great resistance to oxidation and atmospheric conditions, such as sunlight and ozone. It is resistant to inorganic chemicals, acids, oils and greases. It has the peculiarity of also being fire resistant and self-extinguishing.

The construction and electrical sectors place great value on it due to its waterproofing capacity, which makes it a perfect material for application in sealing joints, flanges, fittings and plates that must be in contact with chemical agents, as well as in electrical protections and coatings.


This material stands out for its resistance to heat, oxidation, ozone and weather. It has good electrical resistivity and resistance to polar solvents, such as water, acids, alkalis, phosphate esters, and many ketones and alcohols.

Given its resistance to water, it is a material commonly used in the plumbing sector for sealing pipes and toilets, among other applications. It is also applied in the automotive sector for sealing with weather stripping or especially in sleeves for the cooling system in vehicles. Construction is another of the sectors where this material is highly valued for its high waterproofing capacity and resistance to atmospheric agents, which makes it perfect for insulating and sealing roofs.


Material recognized for its excellent resistance to high temperatures. Highly resistant to chemical agents and fuels.

Its main applications reside in the automotive sector where it is commonly used in gaskets for sealing inside engines and in fuel transport. Given its resistance to corrosives, the chemical sector places great value on it.


This material is characterized by its excellent mechanical, breaking load, elongation, abrasion and tear properties. It has very good behavior at low temperatures and responds especially well in dynamic and rebound applications.

Its applications can range from scrapers for industrial use to snow removal bands given its good behavior at low temperatures. It is also used in the mining industry.


This material has the particularity of being the most resistant to oils among all the rubber products on the market. It also has good mechanical properties and good adhesion to metals.

There is a wide range of applications, including automotive drive belts, hoses, O-rings, gaskets, seals, V-belts, synthetic leather, printer roller, and as a cable coating. .


Material with excellent resistance to both abrasion and impact. It has a low permeability to gases and water, likewise, it has good electrical resistance.

Due to its low wear, it is used in many industrial applications such as the manufacture of hoses for machinery and engines, joints, and conveyor and transmission belts. It is also a material that is very present in the automotive sector, it is found in profiles or covers for small and large tires.


Flexible and soft to the touch material, it does not wear out and can come in various colors. It has low thermal conductivity and low chemical reactivity. It also has a high resistance to oxygen and high temperatures.

Due to its versatility, it is successfully used in multiple daily consumption products such as kitchen utensils, toys, etc. as well as in the construction, electronic, agri-food or pharmaceutical sectors, where it is usually used due to its non-toxicity and its null microbiological growth.


Design and adaptation of tools

We advise and design the molds according to the idea that the client conveys to us. Always looking for the lowest cost for the whole and without interfering with the quality of the final product.


Manufacture of small and large quantities

We adapt to any type of order and demand, our manufacturing capacity admits both small and large series of parts.


Extensive experience in the sector

We put at your disposal our long experience in the sector, we have more than 50 years working with rubber. Thus, we can offer our clients extensive knowledge and guidance according to their needs.


Agility in deliveries

We strive to deliver our orders as soon as possible, or where appropriate, on the requested delivery date. However, should any problem arise and it cannot be respected, we will let you know immediately.

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